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Wonderful Dining Experience in Boston Union Oyster House

May 30, 2011

Boston is a very beautiful city and boasts various wonderful holiday destinations for all the travelers. It is the capital city of the US state Massachusetts and is also the largest city within this state. There are many kinds of tourist attractions in Boston city and most of them are sure to provide you unforgettable traveling experience.

Among all the tourist destinations you can find in the city of Boston, the Union Oyster House is on the top list. This building is even on the list of National Historic Landmarks of the United States.

About the Union Oyster House:

We all know that there are many old and historic places and buildings within the United States, but do you have any information about the old and historic dining places in this country? We are very sure to tell you that Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in Boston as well as in the United States. Opened in the year of 1826, the Union Oyster House now boasts a very long history of about two hundred years. It is not only a great place for people to enjoy delicious seafood, but also a top holiday destination for all the travelers. Every year, many people from around the world come to visit this great place.

Facilities and Services:

The Union Oyster House is equipped with some private function rooms and houses where you can hold a party or banquet. It offers all kinds of facilities and arrangements that you may need to host some social activities.


The Union grilled oysters and fried oyster rolls are the most famous specialties of this restaurant. The Lobster Pot is also a great dish that you should not miss. Desserts like warm apple cobbler, Boston cream pie, chocolate lava cake and fruit sorbet are all provided here. It also serves great coffees like espresso, cappuccino, Jamaican coffee and Spanish coffee.